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Future version 10 step 08: Irina

  • New chess engine, Irina v. 0.11 and an aproximated elo of 1200, it includes program beginners personalities: Monkey, Lion, .... Irina is a weak adaptation of chess engine Winglet of Stef Luijten.
  • Updated Norman Pollock openings to tournaments of engines. link
  • Bug fixed(?): When the mouse is on the board the scroll works opposite (Teddy, jojoB)
  • Transsiberian training, changed tactics of level 0, now are from UNED chess school.
  • Added Steven as a new personality to beginners.
  • Added Irina personalities to engine selection in Play against any engine.
  • Added Lucas-elo engines to engine selection in Play against any engine.

08a: bugs fixed reported by jojoB.


  1. Nice!
    will download today when i go to the libary :)

    good to see some weaker engine being added. For a total beginner like me, even the 1100 Lucas-Elo engines are a bit difficult but Snake is too easy. I have to add that i usually play a game in under 5 minutes, so yes when i spend more time i can beat them, but i like the fast games.
    Will also check the personal opening guide, because in alpha 07 i couldn't get it to import and display games in the lower right corner.
    Again, thanks for your work, Lucas!

  2. Hey Lucas!
    in the alpha 8 i can't do "Play against an engine of your choice", the window just closes and a working cursor is used.

    "Learn Tactics by repetition": After entering the first moves, the program doesnt proceed.

    In "Train Mate in 1" i have to enter the mate-move twice in order to proceed.

    A small question i have:
    The statistic "Average Points Lost": is it the average difference between the Best Moves (which the analysis found) and the moves i played?
    Is it possible to see something like the Average Centipawn Loss Statistic that lichess and

    Have a good day & good luck!

    1. Thanks jojoB, I have tried to fix these bugs.
      In relation to statistics, if you do an analisys of all game, program can shows a graphic such as in lichess.

  3. Gracias! Si, has conseguido quitar todo los bugs! q bien!

    escribo en castellano porque creo que no me has entendido en la pregunta que he hecho.
    Igual es mejor preguntar que calculacion hay detras del numero de "Media de puntos perdidos".
    Es corecto que es la medida de todo los diferencias entre la mejor jugada posible y la que he jugado en realidad?

    Muchas Gracias, Lucas!

    1. Sí, el cálculo suma diferencias entre la mejor jugada posible según el tutor y la valoración que hace de nuestra jugada, diferenciando si hemos aceptado o no. Añadiré una linea mas por el total.

    2. Gracias por la info!

      me gusta usar esa estatistica para orientarme si he jugado bien o mal. Pasa que la punctuacion salta muchisimo si se me escapa un "mate en 9" (=68 puntos!) y de repente tengo mas de 3 puntos medias perdidas por jugada. Es muy probable que en otra partida jugado peor, con suerte no habia "mate en x" y asi la punctuacion es 0.8 o algo asi.

      Otra cosa: Creo que jugando contra "Motores con elo determinado" no se aplica la opcion de UCI_LimitStrength. Aplicandolo con Motores externos, juega mucho mas debil.

      Gracias por poner un patch :) asi lo podia descargarlo con el internet de baja velocidad :P
      Q tengas un buen dia!

  4. Alt-f
    This changes was because there is now the possibility to indicate moves with the keyboard and f is a cell that can be used to this.
    I have to rationalize all about keyboard, and explain it in a way.

  5. Hello, Lucas!
    Is there a need for the limit of 3 fns files in personal training? I have tried to add more files to the config.ini, but only the first three are used... (it is possible to change this limit?)

    1. There is no limit at least on purpose.
      There is an example that could help you in Tactics\Tactics by Uwe Auerswald.

    2. Yeah, I checked that out. I don't understand what is wrong. This is what I tried:


      I also tried with alias:





      In both cases, only the first two files show up...

    3. I got it working now... I don't know exactly what was wrong but I'll let you know if I find out! Thanks for the help!

  6. Creo que seria bueno tener aparte de "Media de puntos perdidos" (en los graficos despues de analizar) otra linea con la media de % de los jugadas.

  7. Una pregunta Lucas:

    Cada vez que uso el LucasChess por analizar partidas, me pregunto porque no es possible que el programa guarda las análisis que ha hecho antes, ni las de partidas externas ni de las jugados en LucasChess.
    Es muy dificil de programar eso o hay una razon que no permite guardar los numeros de analisis en la base de datos?

    saludos lucas!

    1. Si las partidas las cargas en la opción Herramientas, Crea tu propia partida, lo puedes grabar en un formato que graba los análisis.

  8. in "Find the best move" the mousewheel scrolling is still inverse when over the board.

    And in the tutor boards (when 2 or 3 boards are shown) the mousewheel isn't working.
    Same applies to the Window when analysing a move (for example when doubleclicking a move in the PNG Window)

  9. Another question about the analysis (i hope i don't annoy you :))

    when the best move achieves a valuation of +10, and the actual move i did is valued +8, why is it not 80%?

    At the moment i have this:
    Best Move: +9.91
    Actual Move: +8.84
    Percentage: 0%

    What is the actual formula behind the percentage?

    Thanks a lot for all you infos and patience! :)
    have a good day!

  10. Aúpa, Lucas:

    Este software es increíble. Es mucho mejor que alguno por el que he pagado mucho dinero. Sólo quiero darte la enhorabuena por tu trabajo.

    La opción de escanear posiciones funciona de maravilla y es alucinante. Gran trabajo!!

    Un abrazo desde Repélega.

    1. Muchas gracias, ya me alegro que sea útil a alguien tan cercano, y de la república independiente, ahí es nada!.
      Un saludo.

  11. Hey Lucas!

    When playing in Training->Training Ratings, the Elo ratings of the engines and the Engines are different to the Elo-Rating thats available from the main menu. Maybe you just forgot to change them?

    When starting a game with a customized starting position (for example removing a rook for engine) in the "Play against an engine of your choice"-mode, nothing happens when clicking "Accept", it just goes straight back to the main window without a message, only after opening the window again, and again clicking "Accept" it works.

    Also i noticed that "edna" (from Tourney-Elo Mode,1190 Rating) loses every game against "Bikjump 1" (from the Lucas-Elo Mode, 1101 Rating) in a 15+10 game. That confirms my feeling that the ratings in Lucas-Elo are too low (Bikjump 1 performs at a higher level than 1101)

    Another improvement could be made to the "Determine your calculating Power", which is a very good practise mode to train visualization of moves. The most bothering thing is that the program just stops when the move is not legal. Why not have a point penalty for the player here, but go on to the next moves? Maybe minus 200 points or something like that, not sure. This mode is a very very good exercise and i hope it will be improved whenever you have time for that :)

    I'm still very very grateful that you make this wonderful program! It's the best to train chess for me! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


    1. Hi Joe,
      I am working on them, I will try to fix.
      Thank you very much.

  12. Hi,
    I really like your software. thanks for your hard work.
    I want to play my engine and be really surprised by the opening he choose. But I would like them to be correct nonetheless.

    Is the gmbin opening book enough ? or should I download another opening book.

    1. Which is the context? Playing what option? I believe always you can select a book.

    2. I just would like to play against my engine in blitz every day.
      But he keeps playing always the same line (against the scandinavian, against the french etc..).
      I would like to play against it and be surprised by his choice of moves in the opening (but still correct moves)

    3. Playing against any engine, Initial moves, you can select an initial position or an opening or a book you want,....

    4. yeah,
      Right now I'm selecting position manually every time.
      But it's not surprised ^^.. (I just chose the position)

      What I am asking for is a big and varied opening book. A book that would make the engine play a different interresting line everytime and surprise me.

      thanks for your answer,

    5. Well, using a book, you can select the way that the move is selected among all moves considered by the book, by example: Uniform random (changing from Always highest...) .
      Alternative, install other book (with + button), by example, Varied.bin (google search), then select and use Uniform random.

  13. Hallo!
    Thanks for that great training tool. Would it be possible to add more personalities in the 2100-2300 range i tournament module? I think many 2000-2100 players would appreciate that:)

    1. Forwaded to Michele Tumbarello author of the Tourney elo personalities.

    2. Michele say me: "Naturally it is possible, i am working on this but it is not immediate."

    3. Take your time:) The personalities in Lucaschess are far superior in emulating human play then in any commercial products :) Thank you for this training tool:)

  14. I really like resistance training but current version starts from opening moves. Is it possible to provide same for middle, end games or any random position? It will be a good idea to quickly analyze mistakes in short sprints and far better than solving puzzles and other tactics training …

    1. Then it is not resistance, as resistance tries to measure how many moves the user is able to not loss a number of points, from the start of a game.

    2. Well true for very serious chess player but it will be better for hobbyist player other than puzzle of a day, anyway thank you...

  15. Hi Lucas.

    I have a reproducible bug in version 10.8a. Each time I go to the Everest training and start the very first step, the program just hangs after I make the initial move. Here is a video of this happening:

    Unless I am misunderstanding how the mode works, after the move is made, the program should play the black player's move automatically and wait on you to guess move #2. The program neither makes black's first move nor allows me to move any of the pieces.

    1. Thanks Phillip, I have to publish a new update that fix this and others bugs, I´ll try to hurry.

  16. Hi, unfortunately I can't find the link on your site, nor the blog, to the previous versions of the software. Is there a possibility you would allow me to download 8.09a version? 9x versions removed the possibility to edit database games, and also make kibitzer window always on top (can't minimize them), which makes the program much less usable (I'm on windows 10). Thanks!

  17. Hi,
    in Database option Edit tool is working in my copy (?).

    There is a symbol (last) in main kibitzers that disable always on top option in my Windows 8.1.

    There are bins of version 8 in the next link:

    I am working on database in this moment, I´ll try to publish in the short term.


    1. Thank you for a reply. I found the button to make kibitzer window not always on top, still it's difficult to minimize the window. I wonder if it's a good idea that in future releases a kibitzer could be situated in a regular window with regular options (minimize, maximize, close etc.). I think it would make more sense this way.

      In my copy of 9.08 portable running on Windows 10, when I go to Personal Opening Guide, Games tab, select the game, and then press "Edit" button - nothing happens. The same goes for a button "New".

      Thank you for the link!

    2. In the version 10, regular options will be included, and Edit will work.


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