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Version 6.0 beta 3

Version 6.0 beta 3 : LucasChessPortable60beta3.exe

News :

  • Support to DGT boards (proposed and tested by Trebejo), if you have a DGT board :

First : Options-Configuration

When playing, +Options Enable, and this is remembered in the following games
  • In "Create your own game" : adding a "Save as" option. When you restore/save a game, is enabled this option, to diferentiate from option Save that refer to file restore or saved previously.

  • In "Game against an engine of your choice" :
    • Time : 
      • New option to set extra minutes for the player. 
      • If player loses on time, ask whether to add more. (Proposed by Trebejo).
    • Custom personalities :
      • Added two options for control of blunders, when mate, or loss of points is considerable. (proposed by Trebejo)
      • Can be configured the maximum points gives the engine to equalize position (50=default).
    • New common personalities

  • In "Create your own game" and "Game against an engine of your choice", to set initial position now is available drag and drop pieces.

  • It can be changed the color coordinates of the board (proposed by Mohammed A.)


  1. A small suggestion.
    Although the DGT interface functioned smoothly, I was feeling the absence of move-announcements a la Fritz.
    The moves of Lucas' Tarrasch Toy engine ( by the author of Tarrasch GUI) had to be seen on monitor so I think there needs to be a voice announcement when the program makes its moves. That would remove the need to constantly look at the comp to see the moves. If it is somewhere hidden please let me know

  2. Hi Lucas, great stuff :) I think what you will need, in time, is somebody who has very good english, to make a big tutorial about each option in LucasChess - your program is packed with useful settings, but some of them are not clear. Also the personalities system is great, but it is hard to see what values to use for each option - i mean, there is nothing you can do, people would need to test it a lot and give feedback :)

  3. Thanks Laser, you are right. This problem is partly solved with FAQs of bolokay. Personalities is a very new option and I have not found time to prepare the base on which to work bolokay that previously ask me for.
    To a general help, for me is a bore, I have thought much about it, perhaps I´ll try to create in spanish and with help translate to english.

  4. I'm having an issue with Lucas where if a piece is captured, or if an incorrect move is made for the AI (such as sliding a pawn forward 2 spaces but it registers a move on the 1st space in front of it), Lucas Chess hangs and no longer registers moves made on the DGT board. Is there a fix for this? For reference, I'm using a serial port board and a usb adapter, if that makes a difference.

    1. Perhaps file bug.log can say me which is the problem.
      Of course, using version 10 or 11 if possible.


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